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Theory and process of NSW FGD

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The Natural Sea Water (NSW) FGD technology, invented by CEPT, utilizes skillfully the natural alkali of the seawater to control the acid rain, with the knowledge that the sulphate is natural and friendly to the marine environment. It uses the natural seawater to convert flue gas SO2, which can damage terrestrial ecological environment if emitted directly into air, into a little ecologically harmless sulfate returning to the ocean.

The NSW-FGD of CEPT utilizes only the cooling seawater from a condensator as the desulfurizer. Because of its alkalinity, seawater can neutralize acidic SO2 in flue gas without using any other chemicals. The process hence does not generate any deleterious byproducts.

The drainage of the NSW-FGD process is friendly to the ocean environment. SO42- formed in the end is one of the natural components of the seawater. The slight increase of SO42- in the seawater due to this process is only 2-3% of the natural SO42-, which is in the range of concentration fluctuation of SO42- in the seawater caused by natural phenomena.

The NSW-FGD is not only more economical, but also has no problems of fouling, plugging, and wear as associated with traditional processes. Therefore, the reliability and stability of the NSW-FGD has been enhanced.  

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