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NSW - The Most Economical, The Most Green

Author:SiGan Peng President & CEO Published:2012-11-01 Hits: qq weibo

Our mission is to provide NSW products and services of emission reduction on pollution of fossil fuel use the most natural and economical way with the least resource consumption, carbon emission and high effective.

We assert that it must be kind to natural resource to solve the risk of huge environment. To protect environment must protect owner’s interest.

We advocate “Carbon, Cleaning, Condition” the 3C Principles of emission reduction develop NSW process and product.

The Most Economical, The Most Green, this is revelation of the emission reduction experience of coal-fired power plant in the past 18 years and ship recent years. We constantly improve the NSW seawater scrubbing process of reasonable using on natural resource and low cost.

The 2 NSW projects, which were built in 1990s and have operated to nowadays (large and medium scale coal-fired power plants), initiated the extensive emission reduction on pollution in China. These have met the huge demands on clear energy for the world 2th biggest economy entity, and have also provided green model to the other countries.

In recent years, what we breakthrough in developing shipping NSW process and succeed in ship sea trial indicate that NSW tech will be an approach to implementing the Anti-Air Pollution Convention for Shipping of UN.

We believe that we will win in the effort of protecting human health and global environment and co operations with clients as well.


1994, CEPT (China Environmental Project Tech Inc.) was founded in which is the first professional corporation of emission reduction on air pollution of fossil fuel in China.

2009, MarinePro Tech Inc. was established in California of America.

2010, SEPT was set in Wuhan China.

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