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Stanford University

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          Stanford University called the Leland Stanford Junior University, a private university in the United States, recognized as one of the most distinguished universities in the world. Stanford University by Leland Stanford in 1891, is located in Stanford, California, near San Francisco. Stanford University owns the assets belonging to one of the largest in the world university, which covers an area of ​​35 square kilometers, the area of the United States's second largest university.

School History

          Stanford University in California, United States, Palo Alto (Palo Alto), adjacent to San Francisco (San Francisco), traveling in a car only need one hour to reach San Francisco. California's pleasant climate, ethnic differences, and also a lot of Asians settled here. Open the folkways of the state, apparently for the acceptance of new ideas than other U.S. states than that. It has been such a metaphor California, said California as if in the forum on the things and daughter shares cultural forces conflict; and that is because of the impact of the different cultures, different from other cities in the United States will be the beauty of causing California. Stanford University (Stanford University) was founded in 1885. California railroad magnate, served as the Canadian founder Leland Stanford

          The governor of the state of the old Leland Stanford commemoration of the disease and died of his son when he traveled in Italy, decided to donate money to set up a university named after his son in Palo Alto, and own 8,180 acres for training eugenic Jockey farm out as the school's campus. Their decisions for the future of California and the United States has brought untold wealth, even though in the eyes of Americans still desolate occlusion remote western. Until now, it is also referred to Stanford as a "farm". Therefore, at Stanford University, Almost all of the students have bicycle

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