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Savings should be the new hot spot for the creation of intellectual property

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           With China's construction of a conservation-oriented society a series of specific measures and related regulations have been put forward, will provide new opportunities for the development of intellectual property creation and transformation of this area. China's major industrial, industry, high energy consumption, high supplies, high-pollution technology and its products also account for a large proportion of many key technologies conducive to energy and resource conservation is still blank, new technologies, new products and new materials The promotion is also less than ideal. Therefore, go high scientific and technological content, good economic returns, low resources consumption, little environmental pollution and human resource advantages into full play to new ways to improve the capability of independent innovation, scientific and technological progress is the key. Build resource-saving technical support system as soon as possible, focusing on research and development of key technologies to improve the energy efficiency of resource use to speed up the application of the conversion of the applicable inventions, establish saving society supporting the core content of the policy measures.

          The experts pointed out that the state and society should greatly increase the funds for scientific research and development, and increase support construction of major projects for resource conservation and development of recycling economy, efforts to inventions patented technology into practical productive forces, organizational development and demonstrationsignificant promotional resource conservation and alternative technologies, and vigorously promote the use of new resource-saving technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials. There is no doubt that the national sector specific measures and the implementation of the regulations for this new technology in the field of innovation and intellectual achievements into a better market environment and policy environment.

          According to the Development and Reform Commission recently issued the program, the primary is to focus on research and development of technology to improve the energy efficiency of resource use, such as the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, technology, conservation and alternative technologies, energy cascade utilization technology, waste utilization technologies, developing circular economyextend the industrial chain and related industry links, rainwater collection and brackish water comprehensive utilization technology, efficient water-saving irrigation techniques and dry season water-saving agricultural technology, recyclable materials and recycling dismantling technology, process industries, energy utilization technology, majorenergy saving technology of mechanical and electrical products, green manufacturing technology and renewable energy development and utilization of technology, and efforts to obtain the independent intellectual property rights of the key technologies is not only a significant contribution to the economic and social development, related inventions and economic benefits of the implementation unitalso unlimited.

          Around this hot, intellectual property management departments at all levels should be based on the overall situation and long-term, building a conservation-oriented society as the development and implementation of the important objectives of the intellectual property strategy and adopt comprehensive measures from the institutional, policy, technical, management, and strive to explore the promotion ofsaving the creation of intellectual property, management, implementation and protection of an efficient mechanism to form a good atmosphere, and make a real contribution to the construction of a conservation-oriented society.


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