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NSW EGC Sea Trail in Ruihe

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NSW (Natural Sea Water) is an efficient and environmentally friendly product for scrubbing sea-vessel exhaust gas. The patented scrubbing equipment uses seawater as the core scrubbing medium, and was designed and manufactured by MarineProTech Inc. (US) / China Environmental Project Tech Inc. The goal is to enable ship owners and ports to achieve the targets specified in the IMO, EU, North-America, ship air pollution emission reduction regulations, on schedule and without worries about high costs.

M/T RUI HE installed with NSW EGC

NSW EGC Scrubber / Silencer

NSW EGC control cabinet

3.5 = 0.1

Our NSW enables using 3.5% sulfur content fuel, while emission is equivalent to using 0.1% sulfur fuel.


We currently offer two product series:


- NSW EGC: has the main function of SO2 emission reduction and exhaust scrubbing.

- NSW SYS: is based on NSW EGC, but is integrated with DeNOx function and recovery of waste heat.


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