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Q1: What types of vessels need to install NSW EGC and which need NSW SYS?

A: Vessels using fuel having sulfur content higher than the control value need to install NSW EGC. Vessels entering North American ECA, are required to control both SO2 and NOx emissions, and therefore need to install NSW SYS. 

Q2: Are there any special requirements for NSW EGC ship retrofitting?

A: There are no special requirements on the ship’s space. The NSW EGC scrubber is integrated with the original silencer and there is no need for extra space. The small number of auxiliary equipment is distributed in available free space.

 Q3: How does NSW EGC affects stability of the ship?

A:The NSW EGC total weight is only about 0.5% of the total bareboat weight. The modification is subject to approval of the designer and ship classification society, and does not constitute an impact on sailing stability. The backpressure of the NSW EGC is identical to that of the original silencer. It will not affect its normal operation even for the two-stroke engine with smaller backpressure margin.

 Q4: Does NSW EGC require additional crew workload?

A:There is no need of staffs on duty, and there is only a very small increase in crew workload for maintenance. However, it reduces the high temperature of the cabin and improves crew work environment.

 Q5: Would fault and load fluctuations of NSW EGC at any time cause fined?

A:Some concerns are expressed on emission reduction equipment in the published EU Economic and Social Committee (EESC) 2012/03/06 (2012 / C 68/13). However, for the NSW EGC, these concerns can be eliminated.

NSW EGC was applied to power plants (thermal power plant in the harbor) in the backbone of the national grid and demonstrated stable operation for over 10 years without exhaust bypass channel (EGC cannot fault, otherwise it will cause grid failures). During ship sea-trial application in 2011, NSW EGC treated 100% of the exhaust gas of the engine, trouble-free, for 2,000 hours - without bypass.

Furthermore, NSW of EGC reduces emissions with high efficiency and a large margin, so that the host load fluctuations will not cause excessive emissions.




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