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Achieve the goal of EU

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Achieve the goal of ship antipollution in EU need to make a detour over the distilled oil dependence shoal area


Author: Jonathan Peng


Abstract: From 1993, we have developed the NSW sea water scrubbing process for the reduction of exhaust sulfur dioxide of thermal power station. In 1999 the first NSW EGC for large-scale power units was installed and put into operation as demonstration for more than 10 years without bypass, with the desulfurization rate remained stable at 98 ~ 99%. It’s now a total size of more than 16,000 MW power units and annual emission reduction of SO2 to the atmosphere more than one million tons, all cost about a quarter of the traditional method.


From 2007, we transplanted NSW technology to the ship for the reduction of exhaust sulfur dioxide. At 7 September 2011, M/T "Rui He", with a NSW device installed, successful launched a sea trials for 2,000 hours continuously in the international operation status. It was designed for the main engine 100% exhaust without bypass and trouble-free operation, the reduction effect of the emissions targets in line with MEPC184 (59) resolution, and a further more reduce all costs than thermal power 15%.


Today, in order to achieve the goal from EU and IMO on marine fuel sulfur content (equivalent) that the SECA (Sulfur Emission Control Area) in 2015 0.1% and the global 2020 0.5%, and the goal of controlling SO2 and NOx in North American ECA, we appeal to all concerned: First, to consider rational mode by using natural resources to reduce emissions, to overcome the distilled oil dependence, promote post-processing technology; second is to use concrete action to encourage the ship owners participate in putting the existing types of post-processing into real ship trial, demonstration, set up a green channel to speed up the reduction process development; third, the relative mature technology of seawater scrubbing program should be treated as an important direction. 


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