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2012.09 EVENTS

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The WISTA of UK held a dinner to welcome the president Mr. Peng in London

Mr. Peng's speech

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Madam:

I would like to say thank you to our chairman of WISTA, Ms Karin Orsel and Ms. Maria from WISTA UK. the sponsor E.G.A Arghyrakis & Co, and more all the friends here.

I come from a Chinese company related with the emission control, always focus on how to deal with the emissions from burning of fossil fuel & coal. The sustainable development of the maritime industry is related with every one of us, we WISTA members, our families and children; and more, weather the maritime industry can keep green will related with more people, their families and children. Therefore, we cannot ignore the damage of the maritime industry of contemporary, but also cannot accept may cause permanent harm to our children.

When we say the shipping industry is green, it means it's economical, and shipping industry will not be able to keep her green attribution if it failed to continue to keep her advantage of the economical.

If the none-economical environmental protection is just a transfer of pollution, it can only cause conflict with the environmental protection and green, so we plunged into the environmental paradox cannot be answered in the growing pollution.

As known to all, we cannot stop thirsty by poison, so high cost cannot bring us a thorough pollution reduction, because that the high cost, high material consumption, high energy consumption, must have high pollution.

Our goal is to lower the cost of pollution reduction, lower and lower and lower again.

Thanks for WISTA present us such a good platform to exchange our ideas on the same efforts!


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